CFW Belle for cho Nokia 5230 - 5233 - 5800 - 5530 - X6 - N97

Symbian S60v5 version is outdated and lacking. To strengthen your S60v5machines you use Belle Cook firmware for your phone. In this version CFW helpsyour phone interface combines icons Belle Anna stunning Nokia N9, ram speed(over 60M), battery life is significantly improved, touch screen fast and smooth ...

CFW Belle for cho Nokia 5230 - 5233 - 5800 - 5530 - X6 - N97
You download the firmware below and follow the instructions.


Guidelines: You simply download the firmware to your computer and use JAF to Flash software is your phone upgrade to CFW this beautiful Belle SymbianThe specifications

• when you turn on FULL 60mb Ram WIGET

• Battery is significantly improved

• The speed and touch screen fast and smooth

• Quality of great music

• Language: Vietnam & English.

Symbian ^ 3 • Menu landscape, narrowing the options bar / exit

• Font Symbian ^ 3 supports six page letter, 2 pages smile.

• Extensive menu, narrowing the waves.

• Options / exit centered on the screen horizontal / vertical.

• The N9 & Anna beautiful icon.

• CPU is optimized but still save battery support and faster access speeds.

• Automatic switching between qwerty keyboard and the keyboard letters &numbers when rotating the screen.

• There have been 100% hack permanently installing app with installserver.

• Optimize the cache for the drive, additional storage space drive C and Uda filedeleted by FOTA.

• Increase the speed sensor when performing many operations in the message

• Very fast web surfing speed with Nokia Browser browser

• Mod N9 menu layout (removing the slider in the menu)

Only one has a sense using all the advantages of this Vietnamese Belle of theCFW

via pdaviet (collect)

2 nhận xét:

  1. is the keybord map fixed as the original english one?

  2. Anonymous10/07/2013

    Brother, the files for 5800 are deleted please help me a link so i can install on my phone


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